Backstage reaction to Bruce Prichard being named interim WWE Head of Talent Relations

Bruce Prichard has reportedly been named interim Head of Talent Relations of WWE while John Laurinaitis has been placed on administrative leave. 

As previously reported, this move comes after WWE’s Board started their investigation Vince McMahon and Laurinaitis over a $3 million dollar settlement. McMahon paid the money to a former employee who allegedly had a sexual relationship with both men. The board is also investigating other misconduct claims.

Fightful Select reports WWE talent was informed of the change through a memo.  The unanimous belief among those in the company was that Laurinaitis was as good as gone, with several going as far as to celebrate his impending departure.

Former and current talent alike chimed in with one saying “Vince only knows three people,” as a joke to Laurinaitis and Prichard being tasked with roles. Another said that they’d had multiple texts from talent stating that “there is concern about Bruce handling both roles because now if you want time off, you have to ask the person who effectively is your filter between creative and McMahon.”

Several talent are working on the assumption they’ll likely never have to do business with Laurinaitis again. Just like at last week’s SmackDown, McMahon was said to be in a good mood at Monday’s Raw.

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