Deshaun Watson accused of ejaculating on massage therapist in 24th civil suit

A 24th massage therapist has sued Deshaun Watson for sexual misconduct, and the details of the suit are lurid.

This alleged incident, in which Watson is accused of masturbating and non-consensually ejaculating on a woman who was giving him a massage, occurred at the woman’s apartment in August of 2020.

“At the beginning of the session, Watson did not want to use the draping that is typically used in a massage,” the suit states. “Instead, he requested a small towel. Watson also insisted on starting the massage with him lying face up.

“Watson reminded Plaintiff he only wanted her to focus on his upper body and abdomen. He then demanded that she work on his inner thighs and quadriceps. During the massage, Watson’s tone became aggressive as he repeatedly demanded that she go higher and higher into his inner thighs, causing her hand to reach his scrotum.”

The suit claims that Watson proceeded to make “piercing eye contact” with the accuser, and that she was scared because he was much bigger than she is, and was afraid that upsetting him would elicit retaliation against her small business.

Deshaun Watson is accused of ejaculating on a massage therapist in a new law suit.
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“As Plaintiff attempted to focus on getting the masage completed, at some point, Watson got an erection, causing his towel to fall off. By this point, Watson, was now completely naked and exposed. Watson then started to masturbate.

“Plaintiff immediately stopped the massage. Apparently responding to look of shock on Plaintiff’s face, Watson said to Plaintiff, ‘Relax. It is okay to touch it.’”

The suit says the accuser “refused Watson’s entreaties” but things continued to get worse.

“Watson then stood up and continued masturbating more aggressively,” the suit claims. “As he did so, Watson asked the Plaintiff, ‘Where do you want me to put it?’ Plaintiff by this point was in complete shock and could not speak. She froze. Watson quickly ejaculated; some of his ejaculate got on Plaintiff’s chest and face.”

The suit claims that the accuser immediately ran off to the bathroom to clean off Watson’s ejaculate. There was no apology from the quarterback, as he got dressed and sent the accuser $150 via CashApp. The woman quit massage therapy soon after the alleged incident.

The suit also claims that Watson has sought massages from “random strangers on Instagram” on “more than a hundred” occasions.

This is the second new accuser against Watson since HBO Real Sports ran an interview in May with two massage therapists who were among the original group of 22 plaintiffs suing the quarterback for alleged sexual misconduct.

Watson and his attorneys have repeatedly denied that any non-consensual sexual activity occurred in these massages.

Two grand juries in Texas have declined to press criminal charges against Watson, who still has civil litigation pending. He reportedly offered each plaintiff $100,000 to settle the suits, but they declined, citing a refusal to sign rigid non-disclosure agreements.

Deshaun Watson, shown during the Browns' offseason workout, is accused by a 24th woman of sexual misconduct
Deshaun Watson, shown during the Browns’ offseason workout, is accused by a 24th woman of sexual misconduct
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The 26-year-old Watson, who was traded from the Texans to the Browns this offseason, also still faces potential discipline under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.

Last week, in a radio interview, Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin said that “happy ending” massages are not illegal. The latest lawsuit mentions that interview.

All 24 women are represented by attorney Tony Buzbee.

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