Joe Gacy on his NXT 2.0 character: “Whether you want to cheer me or boo me, I love every moment of it.”

This week, Joe Gacy spoke with Denise Salcedo to talk about making it to NXT, how he feels about his character, and how his look has changed since his arrival.

Joe Gacy talking about finally making it to NXT:

“So stepping into the Performance Center, my first day was very surreal for me,” he said.

“Before I came here, I’ve been doing this for like 12 years, maybe. So coming here for me was always what I wanted to do. To finally come here, sometimes I have to pinch myself and remind myself that this is real. This is my life every day.”

“But coming in, I tried to hit the ground running. I started trying to learn everything I could as much as I could. I never stop learning. I’m still learning. But being here now and finally debuting on NXT, and now I’m challenging Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship Saturday at In Your House. It has been a crazy two years, but a very good kind of crazy.”

Joe Gacy said he loves the character he is playing in NXT:

“I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Whether you want to cheer me or boo me, I love every moment of it. Just being able to be here and doing what I’m doing is crazy,” Gacy shared.

“Like I said, the last two years have been crazy, but a good kind of crazy. So to be able to get any kind of reaction out of the WWE Universe has been great for me, whether it’s a good or bad kind of reaction, I love every minute of it.”

On changing his look since coming to NXT:

“When I first came to NXT, or when I first was signed with WWE, I had a very different look. I had longer hair, longer beard, I wore trunks, boots, and had a vest. But I guess when it came down to it, it was very similar to everyone else. Everyone had long hair and the beard, I mean, granted, I still have my beard, but I think it was time to be different.”

“I think coming up before my time here in WWE I went about things one way, and then coming here, seeing how things were, and eventually knowing NXT 2.0 was coming, I think it was time to be different. What better way to be different than to completely change the way I look? So I guess that’s kind of what went into that.”

You can view Denisde Salcedo’s entire interview with Joe Gacy below.

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