Letters to the Editor — June 5, 2022

Anti-Israel fervor
I find it rather odd that of all the countries in the world, the budding law scholars and faculty of the City University of New York School of Law seem to always be focused on “alleged” civil-rights violations perpetrated by Israel (“CUNY Law Has an Anti-Israel Problem,” Mark Edelman, May 31).

While Israel is certainly not above criticism, why is it always the focus of such rancor, at least at CUNY Law School? Are there not issues involving war, genocide, slavery, oppression of minorities and women, etc., being perpetrated by a host of other nations — some, I submit, in very close proximity to Israel? Have there been vehement protests, calls for boycotts, votes of censure and other hostile measures enacted?

I ask again: why the Jewish state? Would it be impolitic to suggest that it might have something to do with anti-Semitism? I deplore the blame game that has become, all too often, a defense against legitimate condemnation.

However, one would be negligent not to consider it as a viable factor.

Mitchell A. Schwefel
Toms River, NJ

Gun violence fix
Using State Police to bust gun runners coming to New York is a good idea, but doesn’t go far enough (“Gov is gunning for gun runners to NY,” May 30).

Gov. Kathy Hochul should order State Police to stop buying weapons from gun makers who sell assault weapons to civilians and urge all municipal police departments, including the NYPD, to do the same.

Semi-automatic firearms, like the AR-15, put cops’ and civilian lives at risk. All state, municipal and federal law-enforcement agencies should threaten to boycott gun makers unless they stop marketing mass-murder weapons to the general public.

The risk of losing millions of dollars in government purchases might force gun company executives to do the right thing. They have no conscience, but they do have a responsibility to shareholders. The bottom line is mightier than the bullet.

Richard Reif

Foie gross
Thank you for “Foie whaa?! NYC ban looms” (May 29).

If the ban goes into effect, I hope any workers who lose their jobs immediately get new, lucrative ones — jobs that don’t involve intensively confining ducks and geese, denying everything that’s natural to them and shoving tubes down their throats, all so that humans can eat their fattened livers as a “delicacy.” Pathetic.

James Scotto

Rev.’s cause
I tip my hat to Rev. Corey Brooks. He is what it’s all about (“Raising the roof,” May 29).
Here is a man who cares about these kids and is doing everything humanly possible to help them create decent lives.

To everybody out there who donated to Black Lives Matter and now sees where their money went, how about sending a donation to Rev. Brooks? It’s guaranteed he will put the money to good use.

Patricia Fletcher
Massapequa Park

Yeshiva funds
I’m fine with Orthodox Jews educating their children however they want, as long as they don’t take a single dime of taxpayer money (“Ed. bid has schools ‘losing their religion,’ ” May 31).

If you are funded by New York state taxes, you must educate children so they are ready for jobs other than being rabbis.

These schoolchildren must be held to the same state standards as all taxpayer-funded schoolchildren, public or charter. Otherwise, fund your own schools and stay out of my pocket.

Nicole Francis

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