Neraz Roberts’ dad says he heard NYC machete-victim son dying on phone

The dad of the Queens man allegedly hacked to death by his uncle with a machete tearfully described told The Post on Tuesday how he listened on speakerphone as his son was being mercilessly killed.

“My son called, and I hear the yelling,” a distraught Nazeem Roberts, 49, said, adding that he told a nearby relative to “put it on speakerphone and keep recording it.

“I heard my sister’s voice yelling,” Roberts said. “She’s screaming to her [accused killer] husband. She was saying, ‘Don’t do this! No! Don’t do this!’

Neraz Roberts and his alleged killer uncle had a dispute over their family home.
Family handout

“My brother[-in-law] was yelling at my son, saying, ‘I chop you. I’m going to kill you!’ ” Roberts added of suspect Mahadeo Suhnandan.

Roberts said the early Sunday slaying of his son, Neraz Roberts, 29, came amid an ongoing dispute over ownership of the extended family’s two-story home — and had reached a boiling point the night before Neraz was killed.

Neraz Roberts
Neraz Roberts’ father says he heard his son’s entire murder on the phone.
Family handout

The dad said Suhnandan, who had him kicked out of the house about a month ago, was now trying to boot his son, who still lived in the basement.

Nazeem Roberts said Suhnandan was flooding the basement with a hose Saturday, prompting Neraz to call firefighters, who then contacted the police.

“He was flooding the basement and trying to get rid of my son, and the cops took him,” Nazeem Roberts said of Suhnandan. “He took a garden hose and flooded the basement.”

He said Suhnandan then came home from the precinct in a rage.

“When police come, they take my brother-in-law to jail,” he said. “When he come home and attack my son that morning, he kill him.”

Police said Neraz was hacked to death inside the family‘s Hollis home around 5 a.m., with Suhnandan then taken into custody and charged with the brutal slaying.

In court Monday, prosecutors said Suhnandan confessed to cops he “chopped” up his nephew with a machete — referring to the weapon as ‘my Cutlass,’ which he kept by his bed.

Suhnandan, who is charged with murder in the case, was ordered held without bail.

The dispute over control of the house began after the original owner — the mother of Nazeem Roberts and his sister, Suhnandan’s wife — died from COVID two years ago, leaving ownership of the property in doubt.

“He got my father out and then tried to get my brother out,” the dead man’s sister, Bibi Roberts, 23, said of her uncle Tuesday.

“He came out of jail in a rage and killed my brother,” she said. “It was premeditated. Now my daughters are asking for my brother over and over. His nieces are asking for him.”

Mahadeo Suhnanda
Mahadeo Suhnandan allegedly killed his 29-year-old nephew with a machete.
Ellis Kaplan

Additional reporting by Desheania Andrews

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