Sherri Shepherd says she had an unpleasant encounter with MJF at the airport

On her talk show earlier today, Sherri Shepherd shared an encounter she had with MJF at an airport.

Shepherd aired the clip of MJF on The Rosie O’Donnell Show from many years ago. She described MJF as a jerk because he was “not nice” when she went up to him at the airport after her son spotted him.

Shepherd said she tapped him “gently on the leg” and he snapped back at her “NO” when she asked if he was the wrestler MJF. Shepherd added that MJF turned away from her and she gave him “one more time to snap at me before I lay the Smack Down on him. I was not playing.”

Shepherd then said that she snuck a photo of him on the plane and she reached out to her friend Mark Henry to “deal with” MJF. The encounter happened before the pipe bomb promo on Dynamite.

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